About Us

IMA Alexandria chapter is dedicated to keeping members updated with essential business knowledge, improving skills development through professional education events, and building awareness of the prestigious CMA (Certified Management Accountant) program as well as highlight the benefits of the IMA membership which lead to enhancing your career

You can be a part of this momentum. By participating in IMA Alexandria chapter, you can:

  • Obtain accounting and financial management education without having to travel to distant programs or take time away from your job.
  • Meet face-to-face with other members and CMA candidates to network with, engage in, and expand your contacts.
  • Learn from peers & share your knowledge
  • Engage with professionals from various business sectors and get together throughout educational and networking events.

The IMA Alexandria Chapter Board Members volunteer their effort and time to make quality knowledge affordable to all our members. If you believe in our goals and want to contribute to your success, come join us in developing your leadership skills and advancing your career.

*Note: An IMA member can be associated with only one chapter.