Adham El Husseiny Ahmed El Domor

Adham has a nine years diversified experience in providing external & internal audit, risk and compliance services as well as audit assurance and consulting services in international professional firm including KPMG. Furthermore, Adham has worked as an internal auditor for leading group of companies located in UAE. Adham holds a bachelor degree in accounting from Alexandria University with “Good” GPA, Adham is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) since 2012, Adham is in progress to be Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). Adham specializes in accounting, managerial, and audit techniques (ea. Analytical procedures, evaluating performance, costing, budgeting , F/S analysis, ratio analysis, due diligence, SWOT analysis, TQM, benchmarking and compliance. Furthermore, Adham is well knowledgeable of local and international standard ″ Adham is a board member and VP of the IMA’s Alexandria Chapter